Shorter work weeks, affordable housing, higher wages, and environmental sustainability through dividends from common wealth.

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Recognizing our natural and socially created assets as our common wealth aligns our incentives for a fairer economy.

A society where the individual gets a fair share for the value they create while our communities are made richer — by paying rent for use of our common wealth back to the people of Canada as common wealth dividends and lowering taxes.

Stewardship and co-ownership of our common wealth ensures a direct link between the growing value of technological and economic progress as well as human flourishing, turning the economic forces that divide us into forces that strengthen our material, spiritual, environmental, and social health.

Our relationship to land, air, energy, and technology is at the heart of why life is too expensive and time is so scarce.

Common Wealth advocates for us to become stewards of our scarcest resources and human-created assets. In doing so, we can address humanity’s toughest challenges.

Real solutions for our biggest challenges.

Real solutions
for our biggest challenges.

The answer to Canada's housing affordability crisis.

Entire generations of Canadians are losing the best years of their lives, locked into a lifetime of rent and mortgage debt. At the heart of our housing challenge is the incentive to profit from rising land values.

By recognizing land as wealth we own together — and homes we own individually — and charging rent for land use, we can address rampant housing speculation, align incentives to maximize production of new homes, and return this rental income to Canadians through Common Wealth Dividends and lower taxes — making home ownership more affordable again.

A monthly dividend for all — funded from our common wealth.

The Common Wealth Dividend is a universal basic income for every Canadian, funded by charging rent for the use of resources we own together and wealth we build in common through sovereign wealth funds. This monthly cash dividend is a practical, market-based solution to economic inequality and to ensure a thriving middle class.

A market-based approach to climate solutions.

As the global climate crisis progresses, we need incentives for industry to participate in climate solutions. The air and environment are our common wealth, so those who pollute it must pay rent that is returned back to Canadians, changing and expanding the Carbon Rebate into Common Wealth Dividends. This is an effective, market-based solution to the most dire challenge facing our planet.

Raising new revenue that can replace your income taxes.

In addition to paying dividends to each Canadian, charging rent on our common wealth unlocks major sources of new revenue that could lower — or even replace — taxes for Canadian workers and businesses. This is a tax cut that doesn’t cut public services, while leaving more money in the economy to be spent and invested.

Shorter work weeks and better work-life balance.

Canadians are working harder and longer than ever before while getting less in return, even as technology continues to make our economy more productive and wealth generating. Common Wealth Dividends fulfill the promise of technology, by making us all beneficiaries of the growth in value that technology is driving: the value of our scarcest resources. Shared abundance, so that Canadians can work less and live more.

Unlocking Canada's true economic potential.

Over 3/4 of Canada's wealth is locked up in real estate, driving extreme wealth inequality, slowing economic productivity, and draining working peoples income into high rent and housing costs. We can unlock this capital and put it back into the hands of Canadians — turning land equity into cash equity through reduced housing prices and Common Wealth Dividends — to spend and invest in the real economy.

About Us

Common Wealth Canada is a society, a think tank, a new community of like-minded individuals who share a vision of a future where everyone can benefit from our natural and socially created common wealth.

Prior to Common Wealth, members of our core team launched UBI Works, a national non-profit with a mission to make basic income a key election issue in Canada and to see it implemented nationwide.


Meet the Founder

Floyd Marinescu

Floyd is the founder of UBI Works and the CEO and co-founder of C4Media, which provides software development news and learning events serving 1.2M online on, and 8,000 attendees annually via QCon conferences in SF, NY, London, Beijing, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo.

Floyd is an angel investor in over a dozen startups, and has built teams and businesses in the US, Canada, China, Brazil, and Europe.

Floyd is a CEO advocate for universal basic income and together with Paul Vallée, CEO of Tehama, organized 120 Canadian CEOs to endorse basic income in Canada.